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Foot Fetish

Hidden Camera

Nica & Masopl


N e w   M o v i e

Under the board 12
There were seven girls at our fetish party. We decided to put them on a small board. It was hard for all of them to fit on it, and five girls got on the first time; their combined weight was 403 kilograms or 888 pounds. All the girls fell off the board before we started shooting. On the second try the girls stood closer together. It took a long time to fit them all on the board, but the guy on the floor somehow managed. Seven girls total stood on that little board. Their combined weight was 565 kilos/ 1246 pounds!! The film was shot from four different angles. Time: 13,07 min.
Shoe collection 04 - Aga
Aga presents 9 pairs of shoes. They are new, so they have sharp treads, so sharp, in fact, that they are even difficult for such a seasoned trampling enthusiast as myself to endure. Why 9, and not 10. Because while trying on the tenth pair, Aga slipped off my head and stepped right on the lens. Everything was caught on camera. So this film also features crushing.

Time: 13.39 min.

Shoe collection Aleksandra 3

In this part Aleksandra presents 8 pairs of high-heels, one pair of wedges, and two pairs of high-heeled boots. It's a really intense session, the heels are thin and they leave many marks.

Time: 31.59 min.

L a s t   M o v i e

Shoe worship & trampling

Fakir 2

Fetish house 01

In the ruins 03

Shoe collection Aleksandra 2

First trampling 07 part 1

Club trampling

Three shots

Under glass 01

Under the board 11

R e m a s t e r e d

Rice patty

Toy 01

Piss and grapes

Piss and strawberries

Under sofa

Wedge heel and martens

Trampling 4

Trampling 5

Trampling 6

Crush sweets

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