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Update 2021 December 1 add 5 remastered movies, 1 old clip "China girl" and 6 clips

Update 2021 November 14 add 1 old movie "6 girls trample" , 6 clips and new movie " Wedge shoes "

Update 2021 November 2 add 7 clips, 1 old movie "Two guys under flats" and new movie "Leopard print sandals"

Update 2021 October 17 add old movie "2 girls in high heels", 6 clips and new movie "Small gathering 03"

Always over 700 CLIPS ( Now there is 710 ) ; 3 old movie ; 30 000+ pictures





Foot Fetish

Hidden Camera

Nica & Masopl


N e w   M o v i e

Wedge shoes MP4
These are shoes used for doing massage and I couldn't stand it. This is the second part of my humiliation; the first can be seen in the movie "Sandals with leopard print". The movie was shot from four angles. Time: 7,56 min.
Small gathering 03
This film is a combination of all the clips: "Boy and three girls" , "Plexiglass 2" , "Plexiglass 3" , "Trampling 37" and "Trampling on back". Time:1H. 16Min. 30Sec.
Trampling 37
Three girls, all in stilettos, beige, blue and black. The girls walk one at a time, all at once, hopping around, they walk all over his body from his feet to his head and vice versa. Each of them also stands on his head in these pins. Time: 31,37 min.

B e s t   a n d   l a s t   m o v i e s

Cock trample 24

Fakir 7

Sharp shoes

Trampling on back

Balloon 4

Masopls and Nica 24

Live floor

Shoe Fetish

Two secretaries 2

Little scene - stomping hands 01

Leopard print sandals

Trampling in high heels 3

L o n g   m o v i e s

Trample Party 09

Small gathering 02

A small trample party 4

A small trample party 5

A small trample party 6

A small trample party 7

Human doormat

Bear for trampling

Carpet man 6

A small trample party 8

Strong trampling with heels

Carpet man 7

R e m a s t e r e d

Sports shoes 02

Sports shoes 03

3 girls and man 03

4 girls and 3 men

Eight feet

Facesitting and trample

Four on one

High-heels on back

Spiked heels 03

Under the board 03

3 girls and 2 men

On the bed

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