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Update 2021 June 06 add 5 remastered movies, 1 old movie "Cock trample 17" and 6 clips

Update 2021 May 23 add 1 old movie "Masopls and Nica 17 part 5" , 6 clips and new movie "Little scene - stomping hands 01"

Update 2021 May 13 add 1 old movie, 6 clips and new movie "Little scene - trampling hands 01"

Update 2021 May 3 add 5 remastered movies, 1 old clip "Bus Stop 02", 6 clips and new movie "My friend Christopher 06"

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Foot Fetish

Hidden Camera

Nica & Masopl


N e w   M o v i e

Two secretaries 2
The girls are sitting on the desk, the boy is lying underneath it. He licks their shoes, soles, and heels. They dominate him with their shoes the whole time, and he has no right to touch them with his hand. Time: 17,47 min.
Little scene - stomping hands 01
THiking boots with very sharp soles. The girl is treading on my hands. At first the back of my hands are exposed, then I place them with the palms facing up. I thought such soles would leave very large marks, I could feel them very distinctly. Its a fantastic impression when you can only feel but not see what's going on. Time: 24,35 min.
My friend Christopher 06
A typical amateur film made by my friend. One camera is placed on the shelf, the other is shot by hand with a camera phone. The girl is not light, his guess is she weighed about 80 kilograms, but had nice feet and was wearing sexy sandals with very high heels. She tramples on his chest, jumps on him a bit, but she walks on his head and neck the most. Time: 16,46 min.

B e s t   a n d   l a s t   m o v i e s

Mummy 05

Fakir 7

Sharp shoes

Trampling 36

Balloon 4

Masopls and Nica 24

Live floor

Shoe Fetish

Dancing, trampling, kicking

In the corner

Light office domination

Trampling in high heels 3

L o n g   m o v i e s

Trample Party 09

Small gathering 02

A small trample party 4

A small trample party 5

A small trample party 6

A small trample party 7

Human doormat

Bear for trampling

Carpet man 6

A small trample party 8

Strong trampling with heels

Carpet man 7

R e m a s t e r e d

Trample Party 07

Under the board

8 girls trample

Cock trample three girls

Pub 12

Quad 01

Quad 02

2 girls in stockings 02

3 girls in sports shoes

6 heels and three men

First trampling 05

Roller skates

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