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Foot Fetish

Hidden Camera

Nica & Masopl


N e w   M o v i e


Three beautiful girls in wedgies decided to use a man as a human doormat. He was supposed to greet them by licking and kissing their soles. All three got on top of him and were waiting their turn. Even though he was barely able to catch his breath, he was still bravely trying to do his assignment. They weren't happy with the result and decided to wipe their shoes on his stomach again.

Time: 7,46 min.
Barefoot head trampling 2

Three barefoot girls step on a guy's head. At first the girls stand two at a time, standing with both feet on his head. Then all three at once get on top of him. Standing three at a time, each one put their right foot on his head and lifts up their left leg. You can see their feet in detail thanks to the excellent quality of the camera, including all their flaws. The ugly color of one of the girls' toenails is just the color of the nailpolish.

Time: 11,16 min.

Shoes on the head

I know all three girls' weight from previous films. The one in gray shoes weighs 51,3 kg., the one in blue shoes weighs 51,6 kg., and the one wearing shoes with the floral pattern weighs 51,5 kg. I would never have guessed that they all weigh the same. At first all three girls stand on his head with one foot and put the other foot up. They balance by holding the wall; that way all three fit on top of his head. You can see everything very well because we shot with several cameras. Then they stand two at a time but with both feet flat on his face. In the end all three get on him again except one of the girls climbs on his head from his back. During editing I noticed that one girl cheated and wasn't standing with her full weight. Time: 16,01 min.

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