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Foot Fetish

Hidden Camera

Nica & Masopl


N e w   M o v i e

Licking soles and heels

The guy licks the girls' soles and heels very carefully. From time to time one of the girls stands on his chest just to make things difficult for him. After he licks their soles, the girls try to stick their whole shoes in his mouth. They stick two heels at a time in his face and one of them sticks her heel in his nostril.
Time: 16,29 min.
12 standing girls 2

Our second friend repeats the whole thing. He is probably smaller than his predecessor because one girl cannot fit on top of him, although on the second try she manages to do it. Then a short inspection of the plank and another guy gets trampled by all 12 girls.

Time: 10.05 min.
A dance floor made of four guys

Just like the title suggests. Four guys lie on the floor. They lie alternately so that there are less gaps in between them. They were covered by a rug and 12 girls got on top of them for the duration of two songs. The girls were told to dance and not to pay attention to what was underneath them.

Time: 17.23 min.

L a s t   M o v i e

Human doormat

Fakir 7

Trampling 33

Carpet man 6

17 standing girls in sneakers 2

In the bathroom

Bear for trampling

Under the mattres 4

On the runway

5 trampling girls 3

R e m a s t e r e d

Balloon 01

Balloon 02

Balloon 03

Car 02

Dangle 11

Cock trample 15

Slave of woman part 1

Slave of woman part 2

Slave of woman part 3

Trampling 13

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